PD User  2010-03-30  RMB
PD User  2010-03-30  This Day will grow as the former Serfs begin to realize that they are free! Finally Free to think for themsleves and share in the bounty of their labor.Thomas Canada
PD User  2010-03-26  museum of tibetan culture of ctrc
PD User  2010-02-27  They are leftovers from a Pot Luck Cold War Sunday Lunch.
PD User  2010-02-19  We have two cards, Taiwan and Dala Lama, which is considered valuable to every our president, to force or even extortion by threats of support or meet Dala Lama and selling weapon to Taiwan, to make China do what we want that it may not be the best interest of the United States in the long run.We are only supper power in the world. We must form our opinion about Iranian intentionally making nuclear bombs through careful weighing of evidence to support our claims. So far what we have read or hear...
PD User  2010-02-07  Meeting the Dali Lama is a pathetic attempt for America to assert their waning power and influence (especially in economic terms) with the "threatening" power of China. I bet if the Dali Lama went back to Tibet and regained his throne (whatever he is? religious royalty?), their would be a lot of civil unrest in Tibet. America tries to squelch religious demonstration and expression in their own contry,but,paradoxically is still known as a predominantly Christian nation. So what is it do...
PD User  2010-02-03  Hate is not what we emmante.We simply attempt to reveal the facts.Wrong Views of this Dalia Lama are not ecclectic.He manages to disrupt the affairs of actual nationsNot even his own.He knows no shame and has no regrets.He is getting exactly what he wants.Nothing from anyone wholesomeHe will be shunned by the Nations and we need do nothingHe is quite capable of ruining his own reputation.We are just helping along to realize what a disaster he"s made of everything.The sooner he is gone, the ...
PD User  2010-01-29  China and Tibet are living harmoniously. Tibet cannot and never could actually rule itself. It only catered to the elite and left the masses to fend for themselves.More like the Horror movies one sees about other misfortunes is what Tibet used to be like.TC
PD User  2010-01-27  Dear everyone, We should write to HH Gaden Trisur Rinpoche and offer our deepest respects and thanks for his courageous act. Lamas of his calibre usually like to stay within Tibetan Policies because they are doing well. Sorry to say.Gaden Trisur Rinpoche has no qualms about himself, but his concern is for the growth of Tsongkapa"s doctrine. Incredible practitioner. This shows that his learning is put into practice. How great during this time of kali-yuga and politics.My faith and respect i...
PD User  2010-01-26  The Western Shugden Society is awarded the Human Rights Prize for their fight for religious freedom in and outside of Tibet. After the People’s Republic of China has liberated Tibet from imperialist aggressors and the brutal Tibetan theocracy and generously granted human rights and religious freedom, there is still struggle with the wolf in monk’s robes. As China’s great helmsman said, it is “a life-and-death battle”. Ulverston, April 12, 2008 (Xinhua) — Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, founder of the New ...
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1959 marked new era for Tibet

Tibetans have enjoyed great benefit from the rapid economic development and sound infrastructure since China started democratic reform in Tibet in 1959. >>>

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China designated March 28 as an annual Serfs Emancipation Day last year to mark the date on which about one million serfs in the Tibet, or more than 90 percent of the Tibetan population, were freed in 1959.

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Why not get the former Serfs to file a Class Action Lawsuit for injuries sustained under the lama institution?? >>>

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